The final module of the MARS pilot training course focuses on your fieldwork experience, which each of you will have organised individually, and which should be a minimum of 80 hours.

With regard to this active experience, the module aims to:

  • provide you with an opportunity for putting into practice the knowledge and techniques you have gained through the other modules;
  • encourage you to use your abilities for analysis and insight, with respect to the situation you work in;
  • promote your abilities for self-reflection on how the fieldwork affects you;
  • provide you with a practical application of MARS engagement, to share eventually online with, and beyond the MARS community.

Fieldwork Report Assignment

Feel free to choose the form, structure and length of presentation of your fieldwork, which should contain the following elements:

  • geo-politico-social context;
  • aims of intervention;
  • theoretical framework for PS music engagement;
  • timeline and workplan, with details of variations with respect to original plan, if relevant;
  • detailed discussion of a significant moment;
  • reflection on personal dynamics and self learning.

Practical points

As much as possible, fieldwork should be documented in real time (discreet, non-frontal video/audio), and visually (photos), as support for evaluation/feedback/sharing and for possible future research.