Training for community musicians, music therapists, health and education workers.
A certified specialization in psycho-social music intervention within under-resourced, deprived and marginalized communities.

MARS offers a  high level, specialized and certified training in psycho-social music intervention within under-resourced, deprived and marginalised communities, targeting primarily populations of refugees and asylum seekers, which are on a dramatic increase both within Europe and worldwide. The training will equip community musicians, music therapists and other health and education workers with the knowledge, skills and competences to work in problematic multicultural contexts, between hosting and hosted communities, in order to plan and carry out well-matched interventions for the protection of children, adolescents and adults.

Contents: see introductory videos!

Learning Pathways

The MARS training package comprises 3 possibilities:

  • Free access to the online course and resources;
  • MARS Training Seminar 2018, a residential seminar in Italy led by MARS staff. Full attendance will be certified;
  • MARS Certified Training: following the Training Seminar, online course work will be tutored and facilitated by MARS staff (October 2018-July 2019), field training will be supervised, and sharing, feedback and assessment will take place during the Final Seminar in Italy in September 2019 (5 days), leading to MARS certification.

Call for Applications for Training Seminar 2018

(compulsory entry point also for Certified Training)

Period: 1 - 9 September 2018
Cost: Euro 400,00 (includes enrollment fee, tuition, coffee breaks and lunch during teaching days. Excludes travel costs and accomodation).

The Training Seminar will be held in the Prima Materia Arts Centre (find us on Google Maps).
7 full days (2-8 Sept) of action learning (workshops, tutorials, research, reflection and discussion groups) led by MARS staff will introduce students to the MARS ethos, and to frameworks of thinking and methodologies for practice, as developed in the 10 training modules. The seminar will also focus on the uniqueness of the student group, celebrating it's resources and resourcefulness for future learning and research, and laying the foundations for continuation towards the full certified training.
Students are free to organize their own accomodation. Alternatively, and in keeping with the association's community philosophy, we can offer accommodation in family homes close to the centre for a cost of 10€ per night.
Catering will be organised collectively in the centre's kitchen and dining area. There will be plenty of opportunity for organizing cultural, convivial, and musical events and excursions during free time.
A certificate of attendance will be awarded (full attendance is required).

MARS Certified Training

Period: October 2018 - September 2019
Cost: Euro 700,00 (includes online course facilitation, supervision and final seminar tuition and food costs. Excludes travel costs and accomodation for final seminar).


  • Completion of Training Seminar (as above);
  • Online learning for a total of c. 200 hours, including facilitation by MARS staff, for a total of 40 hours (4 hours per month);
  • 80 hours of fieldwork (in student's local environment), with supervision support;
  • Submission of 5 assignments, chosen from modules;
  • Final Seminar in Italy, 2-6 September 2019, for assessment and certification.

Course details

On completion of the course, students will be awarded a MARS specialization certificate corresponding to the defined Specialization Profile (see Outputs section). EU validation will be granted through Open Badges.

The course is open to 10 students with qualifications/experience in community music, music therapy, health and/or education work.
The course will be taught in English, a good working knowledge of which is required.

Application procedure
Applicants should complete the online application form no later than 15 June 2018.  Applicants may be contacted for a Skype interview with the selection committee. Notification of the result will be sent via email by 6 July 2018.
Successful applicants will be asked to sign an Acceptance Letter and to pay the 1st installment of the Training Seminar fee (50%: Euro 200,00).
Completion of payment (Euro 200,00) is required by 31st August 2018.

Selection criteria
Students will be selected considering the following:

  • General Curriculum Vitae, professional qualifications, work experience, training (formal and non-formal);
  • Level of musical skills and experience (formal qualifications will be taken into account, but are not compulsory, but applicant must be a practising musician of some kind);
  • Experience in outreach work with under-privileged people (not necessarily musical);
  • Motivation, interest and commitment;
  • English language skills (written and spoken).

Activation of the complete MARS Certified Training will be verified during the Training Seminar; numbers permitting, the course will proceed in October 2018, with definition of the precise calendar by the student and staff group.

Payment of the Certified training will be by installments:

  1. 1st installment of Euro 300,00, by 30 September 2018
  2. 2nd installment of Euro 200,00, by 31 December 2018
  3. Final installment of Euro 200,00, by 31 March 2019.

Contact us for any questions