To apply for the MARS Training Seminar 2018, please use the online application form below (to be submitted no later than 15 June 2018).

Applicants may be contacted for a Skype interview with the selection committee. Notification of the result will be sent via email by 6 July 2018.


Personal data

I request to participate in the MARS Training Seminar, September 2018 (with the option to continue to complete the Full Certified Training 2018/9).

MARS Application

Please specify your level of current musical skill and your instrument(s).
Please give details of your musical background and experience, both professionally and otherwise.
Who has been the biggest musical-social influence or model in your life – and why?
Give details of outreach / community work you have done within the last 3 years / are currently doing, both in musical or in other contexts. Please be specific with respect to place / type of work etc. If you have not done outreach work go to question 5.
Tell us what you have enjoyed / found difficult, and whether you have felt unskilled / over-educated / etc. in your outreach work.
Tell us about one situation in outreach work, that you found especially difficult or stressful – and how you coped with it.
a) Tell us your reasons for wanting to participate in this course
b) How/why do you think music can be used in psycho-social contexts?
c) Which aspects of psycho-social music intervention interest you the most?
d) Which skills and competences do you hope/expect to acquire during the course?
e) How will you use the specialization in your future work?
Please give details of your knowledge of English, both written and spoken, with qualifications if applicable.
Please give names and contact details of two referees that we can contact, should we offer you a place on the training; and specify your relationship to each referee.
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