Project MARS: Music and Resilience Support

Project MARS, funded by the European Commission with resources from the Erasmus Plus program,  offers a high level, specialized and certified training in psycho-social music intervention within under-resourced, deprived and marginalised communities, targeting primarily populations of refugees and asylum seekers, which are on a dramatic increase both within Europe and worldwide. The course will equip community musicians, music therapists and other health and education workers with the knowledge, skills and competences to work in problematic multicultural contexts, between hosting and hosted communities, in order to plan and carry out well-matched interventions for the protection of children, adolescents and adults.

The MARS partnership comprises leading international organizations involved in the promotion and development of music education and health resources for the protection of the under-privileged and for the promotion of equity and inclusion. The MARS international staff group comprises high-level professional figures in music, music therapy, social education, anthropology and psychology (see website for details).

The MARS training Course offers a blended learning environment, with practical workshops, online theoretical and methodological support, distance tutoring and supervision, and experiential field training, monitored and evaluated by continuous assessment.