Associazione Prima Materia
Montespertoli (Firenze) Italy

Logo prima materia

  • no-profit association for social promotion, founded in 1993, registered with the Region of Tuscany, Italy;

  • committed to the development of good practices for listening, sharing, dialogue, respect and peaceful conflict resolution;

  • Community Music project, promoting the expressive arts as a vehicle for social integration and inclusion;

  • Atelier PM promoting concerts and music/theatre productions at professional/semi-professional level;

  • Music therapy laboratory for clinical work, intern-ships, supervision and research;

  • national and international networking, sustaining cultural exchanges and cooperation projects;

  • leader of “Music and Resilience” (2012-16) for the development of music therapy and community music resources in the refugee camps of Lebanon with the Palestinian NGO NISCVT, winner of IMC “Musical Rights Awards” 2013.

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