The Moviment Coral Català is a confederation comprising the rich diversity of choral federations of Catalonia: children choirs federation, youth choirs federation, church choirs federation, male choirs federation, adult choirs federation, etc. It represents more than 30,000 singers in a country of 7.000.000 of inhabitants. Its objectives are to coordinate the activity of different federations, promoting choral singing in Catalonia and promote Catalan choral singing abroad.

The main areas of work are: social and personal benefits from singing, fair practices and participation in federations' governance, internationalization of choirs, composers, conductors and choral organizations from Catalonia and excellence in singing and conducting (programs of conductors' permanent training).

Its European vocation led the Moviment Coral Català to organize the festival EUROPA CANTAT in Barcelona in 2003. This festival was left to inherit the idea of Mediterranean Office for Choral Singing. This office is a regional center of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat for Mediterranean countries and is funded and led by the Moviment Coral Català.

The office organizes the annual meeting of choral specialists from the Mediterranean area, meeting point for representatives of the Mediterranean and choral space for creation and promotion projects such as Mediterranean Voices Conference (Barcelona 2013). This annual meeting (Mediterranean Choral Forum) took place in Barcelona, Girona, Limasol (Cyprus), and next april in Trivoli (Lebanon).

Moviment Coral Català is a very active member of European networks such European Music Council, European Choral Association – Europa Cantat, International Federation for Choral Music, etc. In cooperation with these networks MCC led, hosted and implemented several international events:

  • Hearts in Harmony in Barcelona (2010) winner of IMC Music Rights Award 2011
  • World Youth Choir Summer Tour (2010)
  • Inclusion and Choral Singing Conference (every year from 2010)
  • International Singing Week Vic (2010 and 2013)
  • Catalan National Youth Choir (every year from 2013)
  • Leo Sings working session in Barcelona (2014)
  • ECA-EC Annual conference in Barcelona (2014)