Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy (NRMT) is a small to medium sized registered UK charity, supported by 56 full-time equivalent staff, established in 1975, that delivers music therapy services by specialist music therapist practitioners who are registered with the UK's Health Care Professions Council (HCPC).  NRMT is also a training and research organisation, offering Master's level Music Therapy training to experienced musicians, leading to registration with the UK's Health Care Professions Council (HCPC). The Nordoff Robbins PhD programme caters for for experienced Music Therapy and Music & Health practitioners who wish to undergo empirical research and contribute to developing scholarship.

Both programmes are currently validated by City University.

In addition, short professional development courses for 'Music and Health' practitioners, educators, managers are offered by Nordoff Robbins throughout the UK, as part of Continuing Education Programmes.

NRMT Research has a substantial Monitoring and Evaluation and Research portfolio, with a strong focus on developing, reviewing and refining music-focused and context-responsive evaluation tools and Impact Assessment measures; and developing cutting edge scholarship and research.   (See the Nordoff Robbins website for list of projects and publications)