Mitrovica Rock School (XK) – In post-war Kosovo, aspiring young rock stars meet across divides to learn and perform music, to form multicultural bands.
Milliza Kosova, Project coordinator
Project run by Musicians Without Borders (project page)

Music Bridge (IE) – Bridging divides in Northern Ireland with community music training and activities. Trains musicians to teach.
Project run by Musicians Without Borders (project page)

Welcome Notes (NL-IT-DE) – Bringing comfort, solidarity and hope to war refugees through music. Trains musicians to teach.
Anna Swinkels,
Project run by Musicians Without Borders

The Welcome Board (DE) – Joint initiative of Musikland Niedersachsen gGmbH and the Ministry of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony. Aims at integrating migrants and refugees working in the field of music into the local music sector, enabling dialogue between musicians, fostering mutual cultural respect.
Jamila Al-Yousef, Project coordinator,

Beyond Skin (IE) – Works towards intercultural dialogue and tolerance through music. Many projects : Orchestra of refugees and friends, Arts dialogue, DU Dance, Parallel Versing (partner with The Music Project) and other.

Music with Refugees (UK) – Concerts in refugee camps and musical interventions in other programs. Aims at bridging cultures by producing multi-cultural concerts mixing instruments and musicians of migrants’ countries of origin with European musical traditions. No training, no long term vision. Bonus to existing programs (Integr8 UK, Beyond Borders Totnes & District, Embracing refugees, …)

Joy of Sound (UK) – 3 centres around London providing weekly inclusive music workshops for marginalized social groups mainly minorities, elderly, refugees, people with special educational needs or physical handicap. Using specially designed approaches, instruments and equipment that allow participants of all abilities to enter into co-creative music making. They partner with instrument makers and designers to build adapted instruments through a research process involving students themselves.

Music in me (NL) – Works in the Middle East (Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestinian territories). Organizes and funds music schools and music education projects. Targeting mainly children and refugees. Also works on projects of intercultural dialogue through music.

Hor Pontanima (B&H) – Interfaith Choir performing everywhere in Bosnia & Herzegovina regardless of ethnic/religious divides. They play a repertoire encompassing religious music of Islam, Catholicism, Judaism and Orthodoxy.


Soy Música (SV) – Together with Salvadoran music teachers and community leaders, Soy Música shares tools to provide at-risk children with experiences of safety, inclusion, creativity and joy. Trains local teachers. Partners with UNICEF and Ministry of Education of El Salvador.
Project run by Musicians Without Borders

Artists Collective (US) –To preserve and perpetuate the arts and culture of the African Diaspora by providing training in the performing and visual arts and by sponsoring special events. To develop professional artists, to foster positive feelings of self-identity among peoples of the African Diaspora, and to raise public consciousness about the value of this culture. Music and dance lessons, but also rites of passage, youth orchestra, youth summer employment assistance. Most teachers are former students.

Music for Life (US) - Community based organization that provides music education and mentoring programs. Mission is to enable those burdened by adverse circumstances - poverty, dysfunctional families, challenged communities - to become productive, caring and responsible members of society. After-school programs, Band & Orchestra program. Also providing equipment for musicians lacking resources. STEM Guitar project : teaches the designing and building of a guitar.
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Playing for Change (US) – Works in Bangladesh, Brazil, Ghana, Mali, Nepal, Rwanda, South Africa, Morocco, Mexico, Argentina and Thailand. Creates and funds music schools in impoverished regions. Using local resources and leaders.

Music and the Brain (US) – Provides music lessons in schools of disadvantaged spaces (some through grants). Based on neurological research on the effects of music on cognitive development, the program teaches keyboard and music theory in classes from Kindergarten to 5th grade.


Rwanda Youth Music (RW) – Introducing music therapy, training and community music activities to empower youth and children affected by HIV/AIDS. Newly (2017) 100% Rwandan staff.
Contact via or
Musicians without Borders,
Project run by Musicians Without Borders (project page)

Community Music & Health (UG) – Training youth leaders to use music to address the effects of HIV in young people. 30 Community Music leaders trained in 2016-2017. Partnered with Keep A Child Alive and Alive Medical Services.
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Project run by Musicians Without Borders

Breakdance Project Uganda (UG) – Started based on breakdance classes but enlarged to teach (for free) rap, public speech, beatbox, leadership. Aims to promote social responsibility, increase access to education, generate employment in creative sector, favour interclassist interethnic and intercultural dialogue.
No website, FB page :

African Children’s Choir (Africa) – Program of Music for Life. Gathers children of war-torn or/and impoverished countries to be part of a choir. Teaching music and singing, then they tour around the world to raise awareness and funds to sustain the musical project as well as traditional education sector (via sponsoring of students, local schools and teachers, etc.). Works in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, South Sudan, South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana.

Heal the Hood Project (ZA) – Uses Hip-Hop culture (dance, music, graffiti) to engage marginalised youth in their communities, to promote positive identity building, to question apartheid legacy, to express themselves freely.

Asia – Oceania

Music for Refugees (AU) – Provides instruments and music classes in migrants detention centres in Australia. Promotes musical diversity according to participants’ backgrounds.

The Music Project (LK) – Music education plus English lessons for North/South (Tamil/Sinhalese) exchanges and collaboration. Reconciliation through music after civil wars.

HEARTBEAT (IL) – Unites Israeli and Palestinian youth musicians to build critical understanding, develop creative nonviolent tools for social change, and amplify their voices to influence the world around them. Weekly sessions and mixed youth ensembles in Haifa and Jerusalem. Retreats, workshops, events in other cities.

Palestine Community Music (PS) – El Sistéma-inspired programme. Training youth and young professionals to bring music to marginalized children in West Bank refugee camps, villages, schools, hospitals and orphanages.
Ahmad al’Azzeh, Project Manager,
Project run by Musicians Without Borders (project page)


Music as Therapy International (WW) – Works with local partners in different countries (Occupied Palestinian Territories, Rwanda, UK, Myanmar, Georgia, India, Romania). Provides training in Music therapy to staff working in schools, care centres and residential homes. Focus on disadvantaged/marginalised communities.

Refugee Music Project (WW) – Presenting, assisting, producing, connecting musicians in refugee camps. Engaging audiences. Various locations (Lebanon, Turkey, etc.). Not sure if still active.
Contact through Facebook page:

Girls Rock Camp Alliance (WW) – Network of local Girls rock camps represented in many cities USA & Canada, plus few overseas e.g. Peru, Japan, UK, Finland, Austria, Australia, among others). Empowers female-identified youth and fosters self-confidence, creativity, and teamwork by using music and female mentorship as tools for social change. The program brings girls from diverse backgrounds together and gives them the opportunity to expand their cultural awareness and develop life skills.

West-Eastern Divan Orchestra (US-DE-IL-PS-ES) – World-wide touring orchestra based in Sevilla composed of Palestinian and Israeli musicians. Also has projects in music education sector through Foundations and diverse projects.


WOMAD Fondation (WW) – Provides grants and support for projects that offer creative opportunities, for marginalised groups or in places where there is currently little provision ; Ensure participants are involved with artists through collaboration, performance or other outcomes ; Encourage music, art and dance as a catalyst for change and innovation.
Funded, among others : Sotho Sounds (LS), Sing Up (6 African countries), Growing Music (UK), WOMAD Beyond (WW), Endless Journey (UK-NE). Details on website.