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Your Brain on Stress and Anxiety Kenworthy, J. 2013 Video
WPA guidance on mental health and mental health care in migrants Bhugra, D.; et al World Psychiatry (published by the World Psychiatric Association) 2011 Text
Worlds of Music: an introduction to the music of the World's poeples Todd Titon, J.; (ed.) Schirmer Cengage 2008 Text
World Refugee Day / what does the word 'refugee' mean to you? Médecins Sans Frontières Médecins Sans Frontières 2016 Video
Where Music Helps: Community Music Therapy in Action and Reflection Stige, B.; Ansdell, G.; Elefant, C.; Pavlicevic, M. Ashgate 2013 Text
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Verso una Sociologia Riflessiva Melucci, A. Il Mulino 1998 Text
Understanding Toxic Stress in Young Children Navsaria, D. American Academy of Pediatrics 2015 Text
Types of Abuse/Signs & Symptoms Hertfordshire City Council Text
Translating Fanon in the Italian Context Giordano C. 2011 Text
Transcending borders: Social support and resilience, the case of separated children Smyth, B.; Shannon, M.; Dolan, P. Taylor & Francis 2015 Text
Toxic Stress: Why Environment Matters American Academy of Pediatrics American Academy of Pediatrics Text
Toxic Stress and Healthy Brain Development Rice, R. Georgia Family Connection Partnership Text
Toxic Stress Alberta Family Wellness Alberta Family Wellness 2014 Video
The ‘ripple effect’: Towards researching improvisational music therapy in dementia care homes Dementia: The International Journal of Social Research and Practice (Sage) 2013 Text
The suffering of the immigrant Sayad, A. Text
The Stigma of Mental Illness Overton, S.L.; Medina, S.L. Journal of Counselling & Development 2008 Text
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The mismeausure of man Gould S. J. Text
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The experience of place Appleton, J. London: Wiley 1975 Text