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Completing the Revolution. transforming mental health and tackling poverty Centre for Social Justice 2011 Text
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Creation and Displacement Annex Fedda Y.; Gorman D.; Davidson T. IETM International network for contemporary performing arts 2016 Text
Creative Music Therapy: A Guide to Fostering Clinical Musicianship (Second Edition) Nordoff, P.; Robbins, C. Barcelona Publishers 2007 Text
CTA library Child Trauma Academy CTA Website
Culture, Context and the Mental Health and Psychosocial Wellbeing of Syrians Hassan, G. UNHCR 2015 Text
Culture-Centered Music Therapy Stige, B. Barcelona Publishers 2002 Text
De Martino’s concept of critical ethnocentrism and its relevance to transcultural psychiatry Stanghellini. G.; Ciglia, R. 2013 Text
Deep listening: towards an imaginative reframing of health and well-being practices in international development Pavlicevic, M.; Impey, A. Routledge 2014 Text
Developing Deep Listening Skills - an Exercise and a Reading Wheeler, D. Barefoot Guides Text
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM–5) American Psychiatric Association American Psychiatric Association 2013
Disaster Risk Management for Health Abrahams, J. WHO UK 2001 Text
Education in emergencies: providing quality education and psychosocial support to Palestine refugee students UNRWA 2015 Text
Effects of Psychological Torture The Center for Victims of Torture 2011 Text
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Guns, germs and steel, the fates of human societies Diamond, L. Text
How does 'toxic stress' of poverty hurt the developing brain? PBS News Hour 2015 Video
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