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On Sonic Art Wishart, T. Harwood Academic Publishers 1996 Text
Outside Story, Inside Story Barefoot Guides Barefoot Guides Website
Participant Observation: a Guide for Fieldworkers DeWalt, K. M.; DeWalt, B. R. Altamira Press 2002 Text
Planning for change in multifamily housing Anderson, J. R.; Weidemann, S. University of Sidney 1980 Text
Psychosocial Care and Protection of Children in Emergencies, a Field Guide Arntson, L.; Knudsen, C. Save the Children Federation inc. 2004 Text
Psychosocial Interventions, a Handbook Hansen, P. International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Reference Centre for Psychosocial Support. 2009 Text
Psychosocial Support In Emergencies: Critical For Syrian Children Warchild Warchild Holland 2013 Text
Psychosocial support of children in emergencies UNICEF UNICEF 2009 Text
Psychosocial treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder in adult refugees: A systematic review of prospective treatment outcome studies and a critique Palic, S.; Elklit, A. Elsevier 2011 Text
Recent research on the mental health of immigrants to Sweden: a literature review Gilliver, S.C.; Sundquist, J.; Li, X.; Sundquist, K. European Journal of Public Health (Oxford University Press) 2014 Text
Reflections from the market place – Community music therapy in context Pavlicevic, M.; Fouché, S. International Journal of Community Music (Intellect Publishers) 2014 Text
Resource-Oriented Music Therapy in Mental Health Care Rolvsjord, R. Barcelona Publishers 2010 Text
Risk Factors Associated with Culture Shock among Asylum Seekers from Darfur Slonim-Nevo, V.; Regev, S. Oxford University Press 2016 Text
Risks And Outcomes Of Social Exclusion Insights From Longitudinal Data Bynner, J. Institute of Education, University of London 1996 Text
Silence Cage, J. Wesleyan 1961 Text
Situation analyses/Needs assessments (Formative research) UN Women UN Women Website
Sound and Structure Paynter, J. Cambridge University Press 1992 Text
Standards of Proficiency: Arts therapists Health and Care Professions Council Health and Care Professions Council 2013 Text
Stress & Stress Management Klinic Community Health Centre Klinic Community Health Centre 2010 Text
Systems Approach Workbook: Context Analysis Template VV.AA. Text
The 48 Hours are up BBC Studios BBC Worldwide 2010
The Action Learning Cycle Tools Barefoot Guides Barefoot Guides Text
The Barefoot Guides Barefoot Guides Barefoot Guides 2007 Website
The Complete Social Scientist: A Kurt Lewin Reader Lewin, K.; Gold, M. American Psychological Association 1999 Text
The experience of place Appleton, J. London: Wiley 1975 Text