Last 2 weeks in June 2018, to participate in the Music and Resilience Summer Music Camp in Lebanon, organized by Associazione Prima Materia.

We are looking for community-trained musicians teaching String, Guitar, Oud and Saxophone, with the following competences:

  • desire to work with young Palestinian and Syrian refugees;
  • fluent music reading ability;
  • capacity to work with heterogeneous groups;
  • capacity to teach basic music theory elements creatively (through games).

The music camp, led by Prima Materia's musical director Henry Brown and other staff members, will begin on Saturday 16th June, with workshops near 2 camp locations (Sidon and Tripoli), followed by a residential course outside Tarablus and concluding with a presentation concert on Saturday 30th June.

Project funds will cover journey, insurance, accomodation and necessary local expenses in Lebanon. (ALL “M&R” staff work voluntarily.)

If you are interested, please contact us using the form below, with a short resumé of your competences.


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