About Music & Resilience

Music & Resilience is an international cooperation project in which the Associazione di Promozione Sociale Prima Materia (PM, Italy) works in collaboration with the Palestinian-Lebanese partner National Institution of Social Care and Vocational Training (NISCVT, Lebanon, Arabic name Beit Atfal Assumoud).

The project was created in 2011 to support and develop psycho-educational resources to protect the well-being of children and adolescents who are born, live and grow up in traumatic conditions in the intolerably restrictive environments of Lebanon’s refugee camps.

Children in Beddawi camp (2016)

Music & Resilience promotes music and music therapy as good practices for the prevention of social and cultural deprivation and isolation among young Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

An exchange between cultures, populations, people that promotes solidarity and the development of community resources in the refugee camps. The main aim is to use music as a tool to care for, support and rehabilitate the boys and girls of war-affected populations forced to emigrate from their homeland.

This is what has happened, and is still happening, to the Palestinian refugee population who have been living with this condition for over seventy-five years now. A condition that causes several problems in children due to the effects of chronic stress, their difficult refugee status and the intolerable conditions in which they are forced to live and grow up.

Music & Resilience was awarded in 2013 by the International Music Council (founded in 1949 by UNESCO) with the Five music rights award. The “five music rights” advocate the accessibility to musical education and expression for every child and adult in the world.

The method employed by Music & Resilience has been developed over time within the team, and is conceived in terms of musical substance, in what it means to be a musician with or without the instrument in one’s hand. We consider music as a matter that is not exclusively relegated to mere performance, but as a way of being in the everyday: an attention to listening, to the tone of voice, to touch and closeness, to the interchange of roles, to the possibility of communicating at several levels and/or languages, in each person’s own time.

Time, dedication and acceptance are three flexible and fundamental cornerstones around which our work revolves, while at the same time allowing for continuous revision and evolution.

We encourage and enhance the expression of individual differences capable of highlighting the uniqueness of each and every one, with a person-centred approach, in the awareness and belief that skills are an additional value and not a commodity to be showcased; an asset when they can be passed on from the individual to the group and vice versa. We are aware that all the different elements of the musical matter are the backbone of a collective work, that each individuality is the seed that contributes to the creation of the whole.

Violin and clarinet section rehearsals in Beddawi camp (2023)

The project is structured along three main lines, all with a musical imprint

A community music intervention

with the aim of training and preparing an orchestra that will be able to regenerate and sustain itself over the years.
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A clinical music therapy intervention

working alongside music therapists, already active on site, within the mental health clinics (Family Guidance Centres) in the cities of Beirut and Saida.

A psycho-social musical intervention

engaged in the training of teachers and educators, and in taking on groups of young people for music initiation.
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