Video reports and documentaries

During its lifespan “Music & Resilience” gave birth to a series of official publications and self-produced documents for the general audience. We hereby collect some of the most valuable ones for your consultation and free use: articles in the publications page and, in this page, videos and documentaries.

Overview of Activities


This is an overview of the activities of project Music & Resilience run by Association Prima Materia and NISCVT Beit Atfal Assomoud in the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon during year 2018 and 2019.

Video by Dario Gentili

Concert in Saida

July 2019

Full recording of the live concert of project Music & Resilience in summer 2019.

The orchestra was composed by the students, volunteers and teachers from Saida and from Beddawi refugee camp, together with the international team of supporters from Association Prima Materia in Italy.

Final Concert of the Community Music project in Beddawi

14 August 2016

Within the framework of project Music & Resilience in August 2016 a delegation of teachers and trainees from Association Prima Materia organized with Beit Atfal Assomoud a workshop for the children of the Community Music project.

Around 40 children attended the workshop, coming from the refugee camps of Mieh Mieh and Ain el Helwe in Saida, and Beddawi refugee camp in Tripoli.

Project in the Palestinian Refugee Camps in Lebanon


The document (30′) tells the story of project Music And Resilience since summer 2013 to December 2015, going through the moments of training, exchange, free time.

The voices of the protagonists (coordinators, teachers, students, beneficiaries) directly tell their experiences and the key aspects of the project and the music played together represents the soundtrack of the whole experience!

Community Music programme

August 2014

Report of the Community Music activities in summer 2014 in the project Music and Resilience for the refugee camps in Lebanon.

The activities took place in Burj al Shemali refugee camp (Tyre, south Lebanon) and Beddawi refugee camp (Tripoli, north). Around 70 children were involved, many of them at their first musical experience!

The Italian team from Prima Materia was composed by two professional teachers, five trainees 16 to 20 years old and a volunteer. A teacher from ULAIA ArteSud took part in the project in the south.

Caro Campo…
[Dear Camp…]

Telling about the Palestinians in Lebanon [ITA /ENG subs]

Demo of the performance realized by the 15 students from Prima Materia who spent three weeks in the refugee camps in Lebanon in August 2013 as part of the music exchange with Assomoud.

Reportage Musicoterapia in Libano


First video report of the project “Music Therapy and Social Care”, pilot project of Music & Resilience, in cooperation with ULAIA ArteSud onlus and Cooperativa Camera a Sud.