During its lifespan “Music & Resilience” gave birth to a series of official publications and self-produced documents for the general audience. We hereby collect some of the most valuable ones for your consultation and free use: articles within this page and, in the media pages, videos and documentaries.

Music therapy as a protection strategy against toxic stress for Palestinian refugee children in Lebanon

A pilot research study (2021)

Deborah Parker, Liliane Younes, Mohamad Orabi, Simon Procter, Milena Paulini

This article follows the decennial investment in the development of music therapy resources in Lebanon through project Music & Resilience.

Abstract: The article presents a mixed methods pilot research study evaluating the impact of music therapy on the emotional and social functioning of Palestinian refugee children from Lebanon aged 7-11. The research aim was to verify the hypothesis that music therapy is an effective therapeutic method in lowering anxiety levels in children suffering from the effects of stress and trauma, and in strengthening their self-esteem and sense of agency, thus contributing to the development of their resilience.

The specific geo-political and social contexts are explained, comparable studies considered, and data collection strategies outlined.

Narrative data from music therapists is analysed thematically, complementing analysis of statistical data captured using standardised clinical evaluation measures.

Findings indicating that music therapy had a positive effect on the children’s emotional and social functioning are discussed as part of a broader reflection on possible future developments.

Adjusting the Pitch

An Ethnographic Exploration of Action Learning in an International Music Exchange Project (2021)

Deborah Parker, Dario Gentili, Henry Brown, Alberto Balducci

The peer-reviewed article is written by key members of the M&R project team, Deborah Parker, Dario Gentili, Henry Brown and Alberto Balducci, which has been accepted by the international journal Voices, for publication in July 2021.

Structured as an ethnographic exploration of action learning, the article narrates and analyses the project’s developments and transformations during its first 8 years, considering both its successes and challenges.

“Voices” are given to the Palestinian, Italian and Lebanese children, students, teachers and healthcare professionals involved, through both their words within the text and the inclusion of 4 substantial videos, illustrating the key actions of the project.

M&R is contextualized within the Lebanese geopolitical situation and the condition of Palestinian refugees in this context is discussed.

The article focuses on the project coordinators’ ability to “adjust the pitch”, thus modifying actions and methods in response to the constantly changing, contingent situation.

Music Therapy Research Report (2013-15)

Edited by Deborah Parker

This publication, and the 2 years’ development and research of Music & Resilience which are its object, were made possible thanks to the trust conferred upon the association Prima Materia by the Region of Tuscany, as principal funder of the project.

Almost simultaneously with confirmation of this grant, Music & Resilience was awarded the Musical Rights Award for 2013 by the UNESCO affiliated International Music Council.

“Music Therapy and Social Care” in the Refugee Camps of Lebanon

A diary of discoveries (2012-13)

Edited by Deborah Parker

This text represents the first account of the introduction of music therapy in the Palestinian refugee camps of Lebanon, one of the actions of Music & Resilience.

The diary presents clinical case studies regarding the first children to be treated by local staff in training, framed by observations of, and reflections about the context, by the Prima Materia trainer and project coordinator.