At Prima Materia this Saturday we hosted a large part of the Italian team to organise the imminent departure for Lebanon. The Community Music team met to work on the repertoire that will be studied with the Palestinian students and performed at the final concert on 19 August, and we had some fun playing, rehearsing and discussing together.

This year the Italian team amounts to 17 people! This is a very large number, which testifies to the interest in this project. We are grateful to all those who support M&R directly or indirectly… only through synergy on many levels is it possible to create something meaningful, that really has a result. M&R operates on many levels, and direct activities with young Palestinian students is ‘only’ our main tool to empower a community in need. But what we are able to do concretely is the sum of the work of all those involved; we also learn and grow as social and conscious beings ourselves, and we bring these consciousnesses back into our societies. No experience can be wasted, each one is an opportunity for another small step towards a healthier society.

See you in Lebanon!