Here are just some of the percussion instruments which we have collected, thanks to the generosity of many friends and supporters, which will enable us to establish a new permanent Music Worshop in the Wavel refugee camp in Baalbek (Beqaa valley).



We will be in Lebanon form 14th June until 5th July, with a team of 9 teachers, trainers, educators and volunteers from Italy and Germany; together with our colleagues from ‘Beit Atfal Assumoud’ we have planned a rich programme for the children, adolescents and students of the camps in 4 localities:

in Wavel, we will begin a training programme for the local staff in Psycho-social music activity, with a 2-week workshop for 30 children and adolescents;

in Saida and Beddawi, around 60 children and students from the Community Music groups will participate in preparatory workshops, culminating in a residential course which will bring 30 students from the 2 camps to the mountains in the North for 5 days, to study the repertoire for the Grand Final Concert in Tarablus on Saturday 30th June;

in Beirut, the Music Therapy programme continues with the collection of data from the research in progress in the Family Guidance Centres of Beddaiw, Saida and Beirut, prior to the analysis and elaboration of the results (publication is planned for December 2018);

also in Beirut, we will launch a music training programme for the teachers of Assumoud’s Kindergartens, present in all camps, in order to intoruce music into the curriculum for children aged 3 to 6.

Thanks as always to our main sponsor Taawon Lebanon for the essential support.

Stay with us for more news in the coming weeks!