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24Oct, 2023

Music & Resilience Sicily Tour 2023

By |October 24, 2023|Community Music Programme, Events, Music Therapy Programme, Psychosocial Music Programme|

Marco, Chiara and Alberto have just returned from a mini-tour of Sicily to deliver three presentations of Music & Resilience at some local venues: 20 October at the Associazione Finestre sul Mondo (Marsala). Salvatore Inguì of Finestre sul Mondo and the Libera Orchestra Popolare organised the meeting. 21 October at the Conservatorio 'A. Scarlatti' in Palermo, we gave a presentation open to students and citizens, with some more technical details on the musical and psychosocial nature of the work we do with our Palestinian friends. Prof. Rosa Alba Gambino, lecturer in music pedagogy, introduced the topic of Community Music, while [...]

17May, 2021

Support to Palestinian refugee Community. New article published about Music Therapy programme in Lebanon.

By |May 17, 2021|Music Therapy Programme|

Music and Resilience team is announcing the publication of a new peer-reviewed article resulting from the experience of Music Therapy work in Lebanon.   The article Music therapy as a protection strategy against toxic stress for Palestinian refugee children in Lebanon is published by the international journal 'Approaches' in a very hard time for the Palestinian community, which is suffering yet another disproportionate attack by Israeli military forces in the Gaza Strip as well as racist oppression in Jerusalem, Israeli cities and in the Occupied Territories.   The article witnesses the ten-year commitment that the Prima Materia association, together [...]

15Feb, 2021

“Music and Resilience” article preview!

By |February 15, 2021|Community Music Programme, Music Therapy Programme, Partnership and cooperation, Psychosocial Music Programme, Support and sponsorship|

We are delighted to present the preview of the peer-reviewed article, "Adjusting the Pitch" written by key members of the M&R project team, Deborah Parker, Dario Gentili, Henry Brown and Alberto Balducci, which has been accepted by the international journal Voices, for publication in July 2021. Structured as an ethnographic exploration of action learning, the article narrates and analyses the project's developments and transformations during its first 8 years, considering both its successes and challenges. "Voices" are given to the Palestinian, Italian and Lebanese children, students, teachers and healthcare professionals involved, through both their words within the text and the [...]

29Jan, 2020

Overview of activities M&R 18-19 – New video online

By |January 29, 2020|Community Music Programme, Music Therapy Programme, Psychosocial Music Programme|

The video presentation of the Music and Resilience 2018-19 project is online: an overview of the activities we have done during the eighth year of the project. The activities took place in the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon in collaboration with the local partner Beit Atfal Assumoud and thanks to the support of Taawon Lebanon. Video by Dario Gentili.

16Nov, 2019

Planning for 2020

By |November 16, 2019|Community Music Programme, Music Therapy Programme, Psychosocial Music Programme|

PM coordinator Deborah Parker is completing a 10-day visit to Assumoud and the centers where M&R is active, for follow-up, monitoring and planning meetings for 2020. Unfortunately, the road closures caused by the civil demonstrations against political corruption have made travelling up North to Beddawi center impossible, but all other scheduled meetings, in Baalbek, Beirut and Saida were able to take place. The project is "healthy and kicking"; it's tendencies towards growth continue to challenge us to maintain quality and ensure sustainability. On this last point, a very fruitful meeting was held with Welfare Association Lebanon, main sponsor of M&R, [...]

9Aug, 2019

Music Therapy Studies for M&R

By |August 9, 2019|Music Therapy Programme|

Here are the 2 theses written by NISCVT psychologists Mohamad Orabi and Liliane Younes for their diploma at  the Assisi Music Therapy School (presented March 2019). Music Therapy and Toxic Stress - Mohamad Orabi Music Therapy as a Medium for Communication - Liliane Younes Together with the the M&R music therapy research team, Mohamad and Liliane continue to monitor and study the effects of clinical work for the protection of refugee children in Lebanon. 2 research projects are currently underway: investigating the effectiveness of music therapy in improving the emotional and social functioning in children between 7 and 11 years [...]

16Jun, 2019

Music therapy research continues…

By |June 16, 2019|Music Therapy Programme, Uncategorized|

Prima Materia has just hosted a week-end of training for 3 music therapists, led by Deborah Parker (project coordinator), in order to standardize evaluation rating for the video-recorded data from the research project, investigating the efficacy of music therapy in improving the emotional and social functioning of Palestinian refugee children from Lebanon. Together with Deborah, Alberto Balducci (Pistoia), Marco Lolli (Bologna) and Alessandra Meneghello (Thiene) will be responsable for the video evaluation, thus completing research data. All data will then be analysed by a statistics team from Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy London UK, prior to publishing, planned for 2020. The project [...]

17May, 2019

Assumoud has 2 newly qualified music therapists!

By |May 17, 2019|Music Therapy Programme|

On Sunday 10th March 2019, NISCVT psychologists Mohamad Orabi and Liliane Younes qualified as music therapists at the Assisi Music Therapy School, both discussing theses presenting original research within the context of Assumoud's mental health program. Our heartfelt thanks to Ulaia ArteSud for the complete and continuous sponsorship of Mohamad Orabi, within the context of the project "Band Without Border". Thanks also to Taawon Lebanon مؤسسة التعاون - لبنان, who are sponsoring the continuation of "Music and Resilience" with plans for a new music therapy training cycle, in which Liliane and Mohamad will be teaching and supervising.

17May, 2019

January visit 2019

By |May 17, 2019|Community Music Programme, Music Therapy Programme|

The Prima Materia M&R team was back in Lebanon for a week in early January 2019, to set the actions for the year: - the final touches were put to the music therapy theses of Liliane Younes and Mohamad Orabi, ready for discussion at the Assisi school of Music Therapy on 10th March 2019, when Assumoud will have 2 qualified music therapists amongst its staff ranks! - community music student volunteers in Beddawi and Saida worked with Henry Brown to structure support for the younger children in the groups. - plans were finalised for multiple training programs to be implemented [...]

17May, 2019

M&R contributions to Assumoud’s Mental Health Conference, October 2018

By |May 17, 2019|Community Music Programme, Events, Music Therapy Programme|

     Prima Materia contributed to Assumoud's annual Mental Health Conference with a paper by Deborah Parker on the Musicality of Infant-Parent Communication and a workshop for conference participants on Vocality by Emiliano Nigi. Emiliano also trained Assumoud staff for 2 days on vocal techniques.    The Community Music groups in Beddawi and Saida continued working with musical director Henry Brown, in preparation for the 2019 actions, which were discussed in meetings with Assumoud and the project's main sponsor, Taawon Lebanon مؤسسة التعاون - لبنان.

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