Despite extremely hard life conditions here in Lebanon, within the context of a constantly worsening economic situation, THE MUSIC MUST GO ON!

Prima Materia is leading a 3-week program of follow-up for music therapy, community music and psychosocial music support, together with Assumoud, in the centres located in Beirut, Saida and Baalbek.

The photos show workshops in the Eine Elhilweh Assumoud centre with 50 students, some of whom are now working as peer-to-peer teachers for the younger children.

The socio-economic context – the entire country is without electricity for most of each day, without gas or petrol, and with the local currency devalued to a fourteenth of its value 2 years ago – has thrown Assumoud into its worst condition ever.

We are happy and honoured to be here beside our Palestinian friends, and determined to maintain our friendship, and to support the development of music resources to help the younger generation grow with some fun, satisfaction and hope for the future.

Thank you to all our supporters, in particular to Taawon Lebanon for the continued sponsorship of “Music and Resilience”.