Music and Resilience team is announcing the publication of a new peer-reviewed article resulting from the experience of Music Therapy work in Lebanon.


The article Music therapy as a protection strategy against toxic stress for Palestinian refugee children in Lebanon is published by the international journal ‘Approaches‘ in a very hard time for the Palestinian community, which is suffering yet another disproportionate attack by Israeli military forces in the Gaza Strip as well as racist oppression in Jerusalem, Israeli cities and in the Occupied Territories.


The article witnesses the ten-year commitment that the Prima Materia association, together with laudable social and academic partners, has addressed in support of the Palestinian community in the refugee camps of Lebanon, after 73 years of diaspora and confinement. Findings discussed in the article indicate that music therapy had a positive effect on the children’s emotional and social functioning. Music Therapy stands out as an effective therapeutic method in lowering anxiety levels in children suffering from the effects of stress and trauma, and in strengthening their self-esteem and sense of agency, thus contributing to the development of their resilience.