On February 23, Music&Resilience’s team went to Padua, in Pedro’s Social Center, to talk about art and music as a form of resistance, in relation to our project that has been going on in Lebanon for ten years, within the Palestinians refugee camps.

The evening also hosted the stories of past projects, such as Gaza is Alive, an initiative that brought the study and practice of Hip Hop to the Gaza Strip in 2019; and the presentation of the books “No sleep till Shengal” by Zerocalcare and “La Montagna sola. The Ezidis and the democratic autonomy of Sengal” by Chiara Cruciati and Rojbîn Berîtan.

Talking about revolutions, experiments and struggles that otherwise would not be heard opens the gaze to those parts of the world that have so much to tell and to teach. Talking about resilience and liberation is the first step for transforming solidarity into a concrete gesture and creating an intertwining between the different experiences that come together.