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21Jan, 2024

Culture as weapon, identity as resistance

By |January 21, 2024|Events|

As part of a series of monthly events in support of the Palestinian community at this terrible moment in its history, organised by Prima Materia, yesterday Music & Resilience participated in organising the event Cultura come arma, identità come resistenza [Culture as weapon, identity as resistance] which took place in Prima Materia's premises starting at 5pm (local time). The evening featured a series of talks:

  • Marco, Emilia and Luca (Music & Resilience)
  • Olga Ambrosanio (founding president of ULAIA ArteSud ODV, on video call)
  • Jana Alyussif (Palestinian student from Sidon, Lebanon).
Between speeches, Henry Brown led the Oriental Ensemble of Prima Materia, performing a series of Arabic songs for the audience. Following this, the evening ended amiably with an aperitif offering traditional Arab flavours.
11Dec, 2023

Music & Resilience at the “human rights day” in Montespertoli

By |December 11, 2023|Events|

On 10 December, Dario moderated a debate on the humanitarian situation in Palestine organised by Music & Resilience and Prima Materia with Il Paese che vogliamo (and with the support of Il coraggio della pace disarma). Participants included:

  • Luisa Morgantini, former Vice-President of the European Parliament in charge of human rights (via video connection)
  • Leo Schaefer, jurist, from the Italian-Palestinian Friendship Association
  • Safy Hindi, Palestinian in video connection from Nablus
  • Sandra Zimbardi, photographer, who exhibited her photographs from a trip to Palestine.
27Nov, 2023

European MusicTherapy Day 2023

By |November 27, 2023|Events|

Marco, Alberto, Jacopo, Sara and Emilia participated as main speakers in the conference entitled 'Community Music Therapy. Experiences of music therapy to support marginalised communities', organised by the 'Bruno Maderna' Conservatory of Cesena. The conference was opened by Barbara Zanchi (lecturer in music pedagogy and music therapy) and Maria Teresa Palermo (lecturer in music therapy), who outlined the community approach in music therapy with a speech entitled 'Community Music Therapy: history, evolution and perspectives in contemporary music therapy'. Music & Resilience also participated last year in the conference organised by the Conservatory on the occasion of the European Music Therapy [...]

30Oct, 2023

Music Therapy: The Transcultural Challenge

By |October 30, 2023|Events|

Deborah was invited to speak about music therapy in a transcultural context at the study day of the same name organised by the Music Therapy Centre in Milan, on 28 October 2023: she presented a talk entitled 'Music therapy and transculture - problem or resource? Experiences from the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon'.

24Oct, 2023

Music & Resilience Sicily Tour 2023

By |October 24, 2023|Community Music Programme, Events, Music Therapy Programme, Psychosocial Music Programme|

Marco, Chiara and Alberto have just returned from a mini-tour of Sicily to deliver three presentations of Music & Resilience at some local venues: 20 October at the Associazione Finestre sul Mondo (Marsala). Salvatore Inguì of Finestre sul Mondo and the Libera Orchestra Popolare organised the meeting. 21 October at the Conservatorio 'A. Scarlatti' in Palermo, we gave a presentation open to students and citizens, with some more technical details on the musical and psychosocial nature of the work we do with our Palestinian friends. Prof. Rosa Alba Gambino, lecturer in music pedagogy, introduced the topic of Community Music, while [...]

27Feb, 2023

Music & Resilience @ CSO Pedro, Padua

By |February 27, 2023|Events|

On February 23, Music&Resilience’s team went to Padua, in Pedro’s Social Center, to talk about art and music as a form of resistance, in relation to our project that has been going on in Lebanon for ten years, within the Palestinians refugee camps. The evening also hosted the stories of past projects, such as Gaza is Alive, an initiative that brought the study and practice of Hip Hop to the Gaza Strip in 2019; and the presentation of the books “No sleep till Shengal” by Zerocalcare and “La Montagna sola. The Ezidis and the democratic autonomy of Sengal” by Chiara [...]

20Nov, 2022

M&R at the 9th European Music Therapy Day in Cesena

By |November 20, 2022|Events|

For the 9th European Music Therapy Day, the "Bruno Maderna" Conservatory in Cesena organized a music therapy conference on November 18 and 19. Alberto Balducci was invited, along with Jacopo Camillini and Sara Tosolini, to speak at the conference, to present M&R and share the work done in the August 2022 music therapy internship (completed by Sara and Jacopo at the El Jalil camp in Baalbek). Alberto introduced the project to the audience, explaining its genesis and activities, and speaking about the civic and social situation of the Palestinian community, while Sara and Jacopo expounded on the music therapy work [...]

25Sep, 2022

M&R at the 3rd Mediterranean Music Therapy Meeting

By |September 25, 2022|Events|

On September 24th the 3rd Mediterranean Music Therapy Meeting took place in Padua, a conference organized by the "Giovanni Ferrari" music therapy school of Padua, in which music therapy professionals from the Mediterranean area met to discuss the topic "musical spaces in music therapy, between the analog and digital world". Alberto Balducci of Music & Resilience was invited to speak at the conference, where he presented a speech entitled "Did COVID matter for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon?". In his speech, Alberto introduced the Music & Resilience project and summarized the history of the Palestinian refugee community in Lebanon, describing its [...]

16Nov, 2019

M&R at the 6th World Forum on Music, Paris October 2019

By |November 16, 2019|Events|

Here I am in Paris, to represent the Music & Resilience project at the 6th World Forum on Music organised by the International Music Council. The forum just wrapped up a couple of hours ago and I am quite overwhelmed by the massive amount of ideas & great vibes shared with kindred spirits from all around the world who share our same vision in music as a tool for social change! we were showing a big poster explaining the M&R project (among the others who won, like us, the 5 Music Rights Award in the past) and I managed to [...]

17May, 2019

M&R contributions to Assumoud’s Mental Health Conference, October 2018

By |May 17, 2019|Community Music Programme, Events, Music Therapy Programme|

     Prima Materia contributed to Assumoud's annual Mental Health Conference with a paper by Deborah Parker on the Musicality of Infant-Parent Communication and a workshop for conference participants on Vocality by Emiliano Nigi. Emiliano also trained Assumoud staff for 2 days on vocal techniques.    The Community Music groups in Beddawi and Saida continued working with musical director Henry Brown, in preparation for the 2019 actions, which were discussed in meetings with Assumoud and the project's main sponsor, Taawon Lebanon مؤسسة التعاون - لبنان.

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