As part of a series of monthly events in support of the Palestinian community at this terrible moment in its history, organised by Prima Materia, yesterday Music & Resilience participated in organising the event Cultura come arma, identità come resistenza [Culture as weapon, identity as resistance]. The event took place in Prima Materia’s premises starting at 5pm (local time).

Programme of the event

The evening featured a series of talks:

  • Marco, Emilia and Luca (Music & Resilience)
  • Olga Ambrosanio (founding president of ULAIA ArteSud ODV, on video call)
  • Jana Alyussif (Palestinian student from Sidon, Lebanon).

Between speeches, Henry Brown led the Oriental Ensemble of Prima Materia, performing a series of Arabic songs for the audience. Following this, the evening ended amiably with an aperitif offering traditional Arab flavours.

The large audience was able to listen to the reality of the Palestinian community from a variety of points of view. From the one (difficult, tragic at times, but alive, and not giving up!) narrated by Jana, born and raised in one of the most ‘complicated’ of the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon; to that of Olga, who dedicates her life, through her association, to support this population. And also to that of the experiences of the Music & Resilience group through the voices of two of our 2023 trainees, Emilia and Luca. But also through the traditional music and conviviality of Arab culture, which together form a living and welcoming portrait of the humanity of these friends of ours who are only a couple of hours by plane from our home.

Proceeds from the evening will go to support directly Music & Resilience!

The evening was streamed on YouTube, with live English translation for our friends who follow us from all over the world.

Deborah parker translating for Jana Alyussif (student from the Palestinian community in Lebanon)

The YouTube streaming video: the actual streaming starts around the 17 minutes mark.