On 10 December, Dario moderated a debate on the humanitarian situation in Palestine organised by Music & Resilience and Prima Materia with Il Paese che vogliamo [the country we want] (and with the support of Il coraggio della pace disarma [Courage for peace disarms]). Participants included:

  • Luisa Morgantini, former Vice-President of the European Parliament in charge of human rights (via video connection)
  • Leo Schaefer, jurist, from the Italian-Palestinian Friendship Association
  • Safy Hindi, Palestinian in video connection from Nablus
  • Sandra Zimbardi, photographer, who exhibited her photographs from a trip to Palestine.

A large and interested audience listened to the direct accounts of the participants in the debate, examining the current situation in the light of the history of the last 75 years, since the first invasion of Palestine in 1948. The picture painted makes evident a painful and difficult reality, unbearable on a purely, simply human level. Both the precise historical and juridical considerations (provided by Leo Schaefer), as well as the personal accounts given by Luisa and Hady, whose hearts are forever interwoven with the fates of the people currently seeking shelter from the bombs, provided the listeners with many valuable elements to try to put a face to an inhuman and sadly paradoxical situation.

The evening ended with a pleasant buffet of ‘mixed’ cuisine featuring Palestinian dishes and local specialities, in an effort to ‘stay connected and close’ and ‘stay human’.