Prima Materia promotes two public events in collaboration with partners in the project “Music and Resilience” – Region of Tuscany, Province of Florence, Municipality of Montespertoli, the Italo-Palestinian friendship Association and Assopace Palestina: Thursday, 8th January, Siena; Friday, 9th January, Montespertoli.

Music & Resilience – Seminars 8th, 9th Jan (PDF – ITA)

For the occasion Mr Mohamad Orabi will be the honoured guest of Prima Materia for 10 days in January 2015. Mr Orabi is supervisor for the music therapy team of NISCVT ‘Beit Atfal Assumoud’, the local partner of ‘Music and Resilience’. He has been following the training and development of the project since 2012, and is enrolled in the 4-year music therapy diploma course at CEP Assisi, starting in July 2015, with the objective of gaining a professional qualification in this discipline. The presence of Mr Orabi and Dr Qudaih in Italy provides a unique opportunity for direct contact with the Palestinian refugee community of Lebanon.

Prima Materia’s ‘Music and Resilience’ team of community music educators and music therapists will confer with Mr Orabi for evaluation and orientation in the project’s developments to date and identification of strategies for the immediate future of 2015 and for long-term future development. Specific formation will also be offered to our Palestinian guest in the specialist field of community music and music therapy which Prima Materia promotes.